UPDATE on Warlord Games

Due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict on their end, Warlord Games has backed out of attendance at the convention this year. I have assurances that we are on the schedule for next year, but for this year, Warlord is going to provide what support they are able to for Anthony and the Bolt action guys …

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Warlord Games is coming to Tundracon

The latest news for this years line up is just in. Warlord Games will be making their debut visit to Tundracon this year. Come check out the booth, play the games, enjoy the demos, and see the latest in their game lines.

The Martians are Attacking!!!

The latest additions to the list of games has been posted to the event list! Martians are invading Appleton, WI. Are you a tripod or an Earther? Come check out the Martian Front with Bob.

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