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Et sans résultant!

Event Description:

ESR Napoleonics places the player in the role of a Napoleonic corps commander in a unique way most wargamers have not encountered. Games will focus on grand tactics; expect a battle of maneuver punctuated by combat. Rules will be taught, beginners are very welcome. The scenario will be a fictional meeting engagement allowing new players to experience the breath of the rules. Each player will command a corps of approximately 2-4 elements and the scenario is expected to run approximately 3-4 hours. Coordination of time and space will be key and players are encouraged to do dumb things, get themselves into trouble, and see what happens so that they can decide if ESR is right for them.

Rules Set: Et sans résultat! Second Edition, aka ESR Napoleonics
Scale: 1”=150 yards, 10mm (aka 1:160)
Game Master: David Ensteness
Number of Players: 4

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