Tundracon 2020

Memoir 44

Combat in the Desert Event Description: The defenses truly were formidable: the forward enemy positions were situated within a miles-deep array of half a million antitank mines, nicknamed Devil’s Gardens by the Germans who installed them (Cox). A huge desert battle will commence that marks the beginning of the second battle of El Alamein in

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Flames of War 4e

Walking in a Winter Killing Field Event Description: The German winter offensive has caught everyone off guard.  Scratch forces need to hold the line and then blow the bridge after escaping.  Scenario specific rules apply. Rules Set: Flames of War 4eScale: 15mm (1:100)Game Master: Michael MathewsNumber of Players: 4 Max

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Adeptus Titanicus

Defense of the Molech System Event Description: Molech why does Horus attack this planet it is of no significance. If this is true why would the Emperor station three Titan legions here along with heavy support. Will you lead the heretic and discover the secret? Or will you stand fast and deny your enemies the

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