Tundracon 2022

Wings of War – WWI

Event Description: World War I aircraft over Europa. German vs Allied. Suitable for children 6yo and up. No experience needed, simple rules with movement done with cards. No dice or record keeping. Come fly with me. Rules Set: Wings of WarScale: Wings of WarGame Master: Bob RondouNumber of Players: Many

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The Battle of Savo Island

Naval Thunder – Pacific Theatre Event Description: Welcome to August of 1942. The Place is Guadalcanal. The goal, keep the supply chain moving. Who invited the Japanese? What will happen this time when the USN faces off against the IJN in the first of a string of crushing defeats towards the Americans? Do you have

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The Battle of Midway

Naval Thunder – Pacific Theatre Event Description: Welcome to the south pacific were the the water is blue, the surf is waiting and the bombs are alive. Semi-recreation of the Iconic Battle of Midway with some “minor” adjustments to account for scale. Will the United states be victorious once again, or will the Imperial Navy

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Flames of War 4e

Fighting in a Winter Wonderland Event Description: A scenario based on history, movies and crunchy snow. Not a points battle, challenges will abound for both sides. Using the Flames of War 4th Edition format. Rules Set: Flames of War 4eScale: 15mm (1:100)Game Master: Michael MathewsNumber of Players: 4 Max

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