Tundracon 2022

Relief at Fort Kasala

A British force arrives by steamer to relieve a beleaguered Egyptian garrison and the missionaries held within. However, the forces of the Madhi lurk just beyond the waters edge, keen to capture the fort and the British envoys…Open to all, learn to play a classic system with The Sword and the Flame! Come play a […]

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Ireland Forever, Maybe!

Event Description: Invading Normans meet Irish Gallowglass, Kerns and fine Irish ramble. Who will prevail. Simple to learn rules by Andy Callan. Rules Set: Never Mind the BillhooksScale: 15mm (1:100)Game Master: Todd ProchniakNumber of Players: 4

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Memoir ’44 – Normandy Beach

Event Description: The beaches of Normandy will be contested once again by utilizing the Memoir 44 game system. Each player will be in charge of their own section of the beach. We can play up to twelve players. Rules taught. Rules Set: Memoir ’44Scale: MemoirGame Master: Todd Chirhart Number of Players: 12

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Mind the Gap

Event Description: August, 1989. Glasnost is a failure. Hardliners in the Communist party crack down on an Eastern Europe trying to free itself from the Iron Curtain. Join 8th Guards Tank Army or the 11th ACR as they vie for control of the critical Fulda Gap when the balloon goes up. Armageddon ’89 is a

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Battletech Grinder/Learn to Play

Event Description: Learn to play battletech in a free for all match! Each time your mech gets destroyed, get a bigger badder one and jump back in the action! This is a fast, light event aimed at players dropping in and out throughout the run time. Rules Set: BattletechScale: 6mm (1:285)Game Master: Green Bay BattletechNumber

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Encounter Appleton

Event Description: It is 1908 and the Martians have returned. They are marching toward Appleton. Join the human army to turn back the invaders, with new steam tanks, infantry and artillery. Or become a Martian to teach those meat bags a lessen, besides they taste like chicken. Rules Set: All Quiet on the Martian FrontScale:

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Shadows of Brimstone

Event Description: Shadows of Brimstone is a fast-paced, fully cooperative, dungeon-crawl board game set in the Old West, with a heavy dose of unspeakable horror! Players create characters, taking on the role of a classic Western Hero Archetype, such as the Law Man, Gunslinger, or Saloon Girl. Forming an adventuring posse, the Heroes venture down

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Rescue & Ambush

A L.R.P.S team is in need of extraction with vital intel. While in route to team convoy comes under heavy attack! Can the air mobile infantry save the day? Come play a battle interlocked on three different tables all for one result! Rules Set: ‘NamScale: 15mm (1:100)Game Master: Paul AlanizNumber of Players: 6 – 8

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