Tundracon 2023

Battle of Muckden

Event Description: Will you help secure Japan’s claim as a world power? Or will you start the resurgence of Russias glory years as a great power? Come and find out with a fast paced fun,card driven game system. Full of untimely orders from divisional command and military blunders that could change the course of battle. …

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Saga – Age of Magic

Event Description: TBD Rules Set: SagaScale: 25mmGame Master: Brent OlsonNumber of Players: Many

Frattspiel Games

Event Description: TBD Rules Set: Frattspiel GamesScale: 6mm (1:285)Game Master: Steve FrattNumber of Players: Many

All Quiet on the Martian Front

Event Description: The Martians have returned to Earth in 1908. This time we are ready. The US Army now has steam tanks, better artillery, and armored infantry. Can you stop the Martians in their tracks or will they continue on their rampage? Rules Set: All Quiet on the Martian FrontScale: 15mm (1:100)Game Master: Bob RondouNumber …

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