Tundracon 2023

Battle of Lewes 1264

Event Description: Can you repeat Simon De Montfdort’s victory at Lewes over the English cronw in the Barons’ War of 1264? Come learn Triumph! Ancient and Medieval Fast Play Rules. Game features 15mm Thistle & Rose Miniatures. Rules Set: Triumph! Ancient and Medieval Fast Play RulesScale: 15mm (1:100)Game Master: Bill HuppNumber of Players: 4 – …

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Attack on Imperial Convoy

Event Description: Saw and his partisans launch an attack on an Imperial convoy. Rules Set: X-Wing v1.0Scale: 6mm (1:285)Game Master: Alex DrummNumber of Players: 2 – 8

Tucumcari Three-way

Event Description: “A desert town is thrown into chaos when cattlemen, rustlers, and lawmen butt heads over a prisoner in the county jail.” This is a 28mm miniatures skirmish game of shootin, brawling, cussin, and maybe blowin stuff up kind of western game with an RPG twist. The damage deck is of the gamemaster’s own …

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Battle of Muckden

Event Description: Will you help secure Japan’s claim as a world power? Or will you start the resurgence of Russias glory years as a great power? Come and find out with a fast paced fun,card driven game system. Full of untimely orders from divisional command and military blunders that could change the course of battle. …

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EPIC SAGA – Age of Melee

Event Description: Team up with other Warlords in a group game! Experience Saga in a difference format. Bring any warband from a historical age book for group mass-up. We will play throughout the day — the scenarios will be connected so each game has an impact on the next. Bring your warband(s) and play against …

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Saga – Age of Melee

Event Description: Saga is a skirmish game that puts you at the head of a warband, made of thirty or so figures, and lead by your heroic alter-ego. Each warband has a specific Battle Board and Saga dice which grant them particular abilities in battle and reinforce their identity. Come experience the game, and meet …

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